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Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, OIH (Portguese pronunciation: [kɾɨʃtiɐnu ʁunaɫdu] 1985 년 2 월 5 was born) , better than Cristiano Ronaldo, the Spanish Primera Liga club Real Madrid on the right wingeogwa Portuguese football striker known Madrid captain his team to play Portugal. Worth £ Ronaldo from Manchester United to Real Madrid transfer agreement, the most expensive football player in history after the surrender 80000000 (€ 94m, U.S. $ сто тридесет и два милиона M). In addition, six years to pay 11 million pounds a year with Real Madrid, a letter agreement, he created the world's highest paid soccer players € 1 billion on share purchases, and value.

Ronaldo, then he played two years Nacional Andorinya go to the younger players began to build a career. Portuguese giants Sporting Lisbon in 1997, has been moved. Early talent of Ronaldo from Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is a 18-year-old's attention in 2003 has signed a £ 12,240 million. The next season, Ronaldo, Portugal's first club honors and played in Euro 2004, FA Cup winners. Ronaldo's first international tournament in Greece, but Greece scored the game first ₩ 1.2. Portugal was again lost in the final to Greece.
Thus, in 2007 four major Ronaldo PFA and FWA Player award was the first to win. 2008 Competition and the first wing of the European Golden Boot with Ronaldo, top scorer and won the Premier League Golden Boot Hill, United win the Champions League to the most modern and best tournament most valuable player (MVP) award is named. This is the year, only the PFA young player missing three victories and four major FIFPro, Onze d'Or Hotel, and this year's World Footballer , and the FIFA World Cup, was named the PFA and FWA trophies in Manchester United is also the first owner, balloon deuui 40 years years. Ronaldo, FIFA, in contrast to the first player to win the rifle is often better to accept this year's FIFA has set goals. Manchester United players and the goal he scored against FC Porto Champions League quarter-finals in the 40m. three times, "Ronaldo, United's history, two great great player, George Best and Denis Law is a better place, 2 April 2008 in an interview:" Golden Ball, Johan Cruyff won the
Previous high-Club Ronaldo Ferenc 49 guns, 51, beat 2011 May 15th end of the season with Real Madrid was the top scorer of the goal. After 53 goals and surpassed the entire first season of Real Madrid players to his 50 goal season is to finish. After six days, Hugo Sanchez, Ronaldo Telmo, La Liga in 1951 and 40 in 1990 hurt the brand at home and never do not record most goals in one season, broke the cast. Ronaldo also every 70.7 minutes, but the wound broke the record for most goals scored goals. Newspaper Brand Pichichi Trophy (best score award at the top of La Liga), the official 9000000000000 Ronaldo, 41, won the points. Therefore, he again won the European Golden Boot two different championships to win the trophy for the first player

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Real Madrid vs Barcelona – El Clasico: Cristiano Ronaldo Final preparation

Cristiano ronaldo
Final preparation for Copa final, at valdebebas. Real Madrid will face Barcelona tomorrow, in the next Clasico. Coach Mourinho hasn’t yet to announce the players name for the match.

They crashed out from the Copa del Rey at the earliest stage after losing to minnows Alcorcon 4-1 on aggregate. Lyon also blew their UEFA Champions League hopes by beating them 2-1 on over the two legs in the last sixteen of the tournament.

Real Madrid are willing to give everything it takes to win La Liga and they know how much of a threat Barcelona are to their title aspirations.

The Blaugrana have scored 10 goals in their last 3 matches, with Lionel Messi scoring 5 of those 10 goals – 4 of which came against Arsenal on Tuesday in the Champions League.

Commentating on Barcelona and their superstar Lionel Messi, Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo declared:

“Barcelona are a very complete team and we [Real Madrid] are still lacking a little bit of that ‘something’. I hope that we become more complete than they are.

“Messi doesn’t play alone and his team-mates deserve a lot of credit. He is phenomenal, but those around him are phenomenal as well.”

Will Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid show Arsenal and the rest of the world how to stop Lionel Messi and Barcelona when both teams clash up in El Clasico on Saturday night in La Liga?

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